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Nemaco - Terre Bonne Park


Development of a 40,000 sqm Business Park

In 2007, NEMACO wishes to develop an artisanal and administrative surface of approximately 40'000 sqm


The first tenant of the park, CADBURY (later KRAFT) moved into a mixed-use building built in 2008. NEMACO, wishing to continue the development of its plot for the construction of administrative buildings A1, A2, A3 (8,000 sqm per building ) Z1, Z2 (3'000 sqm per building) and artisanal, the B2 (4'500 sqm), calls on us to implement the strategy of development and the search for tenant for the 35'000 sqm remaining to build


Laurent Bigler

Deputy Director - Head of Lausanne Office

The implementation of marketing tools and an adapted communication plan allowed us to approach our target of potential tenants.

The solution

Our mission begins with the deposition of the A1 building permit. SWOT analysis of the project, detailed analysis of the Vaud real estate market, that of the Geneva airport and the Lake Geneva region in general, define our development strategy which positions the Park as precisely as possible in its highly competitive environment.

The result

The first A1 building is 50% leased, 6 months before delivery (REGUS moves in September 2010) and 100% on delivery (to SHIRE moving in 2010).

Properties A2 (in SHIRE) and A3 (LLOYDS moves in March 2012) were leased respectively to 100% and 80% prior to delivery.

Following are GLOBAL BLUE's moves in 2011 on the A1 (surfaces freed by SHIRE to start on the A2), IMMARSTART in 2011 on delivery of the Z1, AFFINION on the A3 in 2012, TA- HYDRONICS on the Z2 in 2012.

More recently TUPPERWARE (on the A1), VERTEX (on the A3) and KODAX (on the B2).