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Valuation & Consulting

Our expertise is aimed at a wide range of clients: owners, property developers, banks and lending institutions. It covers both commercial and industrial real estate as well as rental buildings, real-estate portfolios and residential properties, including villas and condominium apartments. To assist you with real-estate asset management, valuation and consulting, we benefit from an exclusive partnership with Optima Asset Management, an SPG Intercity spin-off.

With a powerful database and an in-depth, practical knowledge of the market, we determine the market value of your property for you. Being RICS-accredited, we are committed to respecting the parties’ interests and follow strict ethical rules, based in particular on the Red Book.

  • Viewing of the interior and exterior of the property
  • Collecting information from the Principal
  • Search for market information
  • Calculation of the market value of the real estate
  • Drafting, validating and signing a full report to the Principal

To better guide our services and define your objectives, we seek above all to understand your activities but also your expectations and needs.

  • Development of a real-estate strategy and a feasibility study
  • Implementation of customized solutions in line with the market and the regulations in force
  • Conducting market research
  • Analysis of projects and buildings
  • Scenario analysis relating to a building or a client
  • Space planning and optimization
  • Estimation of rental values
  • Development of marketing strategies

Our audits* enable you to optimize the use of your spaces and the synergy of your resources by linking up the nature of your workplaces, the profile and number of their users as well as the activities carried out and their frequency. A genuine asset for improving your company’s performance.


*Our analysis is based on the approach of our partner Cushman & Wakefield. An approach awarded by CoreNet Global for its innovation.

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