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Market research Geneva and Vaud 2022


The pulse of the stone

Since June 16 2022, the date of the SNB's first monetary policy tightening, the natural inertia of the databases has proved more problematic. The correction mechanically induced by the regular rise in interest rates is causing concern among owners, asset managers and investors, who are destabilised by the uncertainty that reigns between two updates.

Urban redevelopment, the improvement or creation of new transport infrastructures, and the slowing or accelerating development of certain economic sectors are rapidly transforming the leasing market for office, industrial, logistics and residential space.

If we add to this a few exogenous factors, such asthe Russian-Ukrainian war, significant global inflation, the end of accommodating central bank policies and the need to better integrate ESG criteria into real estate, it's easy to understand the reason why our teams are requested by our customers and partners, who wantreliable, up-to-date figures at a granularity tailored to their needs.

If the statistics provide generic curves, our experts and brokers can add derivatives, highlighting trends and the pace of change in these data.

The aim of this market review and the accompanying report is to give you the pulse of the stone.

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Photo : © Régis Golay