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Nissan - A-One Business Center


Defending the interests of a multinational company

Having chosen Switzerland to locate the European headquarters of Infiniti, its premium range of cars, Nissan also appointed our firm to find the ideal site for its European operations.

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We enabled Nissan to benefit from our network of contacts in the construction trades so as to complete in record time ultramodern offices meeting the strictest Swiss ecological criteria (the Minergie standard).

The solution

We drew up a list of all the commercial sites available in the municipalities that fulfilled Nissan’s locational criteria (quality of life, schools, multilingual personnel, etc.). Based on our advice, Nissan decided to lease rather than purchase. Nissan  finally opted for the A-One Business Center in Rolle. Our in-depth knowledge of the local property market (prices, legal framework, current practices, etc.) enabled us to defend the interests of leaseholder Nissan in dealings with the property owner. Thanks to us, Nissan signed a lease agreement with premium terms, allowing in particular for ongoing architectural alterations to the building. We steered the entire project management process and cost control necessary to complete the project, ensuring that our client benefited from constant and close coordination between the various partners.

One problem arose during the lease negotiations: Nissan had to be operational on the site no later than January 1, 2007; but completion of the A-One Business Center was scheduled for December 2007. We found the solution: the property owner agreed to construct a temporary building on site enabling Nissan’s  first employees to start work in the desired time-frame without loss to their business continuity. This solution and our various negotiations resulted in multi-phase delivery of the office space in record time while meeting Nissan’s operational constraints.

Having been appointed to manage the interior design and fittings of the 6,000-square meter area (comprising offices, high-end conference rooms and a 110seat cafeteria), we organized an architectural competition, which was won by the CCHE group. 

The result

Being delighted with the A-One Business Center solution, our client decided to locate not only the Infiniti teams there but also Nissan’s European top management. Nissan International SA officially inaugurated their new offices in June 2008, before an audience of 350 invited guests, including official representatives of the Canton of Vaud, the Commune of Rolle and many journalists.