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Development & Project management

Our services enable you to keep control of your decisions while relieving you of operations monitoring, quality assurance and budgetary compliance. Construction, renovation, fitting out - we manage the works, costs and deadlines for you with as much proactivity and commitment as possible.

We assist you at every stage of your project.

  • Structuring of real-estate projects
  • Defining development and implementation criteria
  • Development of building programmes
  • Feasibility study (technical and legal) and scenario analyses
  • Optimizing profitability
  • The legal and financial set-up
  • Selection of appointed professionals (architects, engineers, specialists, etc.)
  • Representation and conduct of negotiations with the authorities
  • Assistance with obtaining the required permits
  • Management of environmental aspects

Together with our project management specialists and Swiss-qualified (HES and ETH/EPF) civil engineers, we support all your projects from design to delivery.

  • Coordination, conduct and management of real-estate projects  
  • Selection of representatives and suppliers (general or global contractors)
  • Management and supervision of appointed professionals
  • Strategic and technical consulting
  • Cost and lead-time monitoring
  • Quality control
  • Despatch of regular reports
  • Budget and planning optimization
  • Assistance with acceptance of the completed works

In addition to the activity analysis services offered by our Consulting department, our team can help you with the following:

  • Space planning
  • Preparing the specification of requirements for fitting out the premises
  • Assisting you with the choice of professionals to be appointed (architects, engineers, specialists, etc.), coordinating and supervising the latter
  • Representing the Building Owner when executing the works and providing regular reports
  • Preparing and following the detailed overall budget, as well as invoicing
  • Supervising and assisting with the implementation of a definitive schedule with the partners

A fully-fledged partner